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Mr. Barrow went above and beyond to ensure that I had understood the process, I would recommend him to anyone new to mediation looking for a good mediator.


Clyde Barrow mediated a very complicated commercial landlord-tenant dispute. I do not know how the claimant was encouraged to make an apology but assume that it was a consequence of your intervention. After this, the parties started to negotiate constructively. This amounted to a remarkable result achieving a settlement within about 7 hours, dispute that our disagreement lasted for over 3 years. I requested the second mediation (with Clyde) concerning building work and once again I was even more impressed because the mediation was done by telephone. I found it just as effective as a face to face mediation but at a significant reduction in costs.


Mr. Barrow, just a note to thank you for your efforts, expertise, and patience during the many hours of mediation last week. You made the experience interesting, understandable, and, certainly productive. Thank you!”


Clyde Barrow was referred to my wife and me by a friend of my wife's who was extremely pleased with Clyde's services and the entire mediation process. To be honest, I knew very little about divorce mediation going forward. However, when faced with the alternative, thinking about costly and long-drawn-out litigation, it compelled us to at least give it a try. One of the things that we liked about Clyde was that he is a Florida Supreme Court Citified Family Mediator.

Online, you can find a myriad of fly-by-night mediators with no background whatsoever in law. I found Clyde to be extremely knowledgeable, courteous, practical, and fair. Were there bumps in the road? Yes. Was the process intensely stressful at times? Yes. Were there some uniquely complex issues? Absolutely! But Clyde is particularly adept at calmly laying out options and allow us to come up with possible solutions, while always displaying neutrality. He also made sure all issues were addressed.

I would recommend Mr. Barrow to anyone going through or thinking about divorce.


Clyde mediated our divorce. I found him to be an expert who provides good value and has a high level of integrity. While I had no idea what to expect, he did a great job of steering us through some tough issues to end with a fair, but relatively inexpensive settlement. He brought up issues we hadn't considered and was able to clearly explain other issues that weren't clear to me or my ex-wife. Mediation is a much better, cheaper, and a less stressful process than a litigated divorce by far!


Mr. Barrow, just to let you know I trusted your knowledge and what you were saying in regards to certain questions we had during the mediation. I felt completely comfortable with you being our mediator. When things got a little heated you knew when to step in and help us come to an agreement in a timely manner and be amicable at the same time.

When we couldn't reach an agreement on a particular issue, you knew when to separate us in order to keep the meeting productive and moving forward. We were able to solidify our wants and needs in a matter of just 4 sessions and you worked with us on dates & times when conflicts arose. This made me feel comfortable and confident in utilizing your services.

You worked well with us and for our needs. Even though our case was already in the court system, you helped us to reach a final agreement in a timely manner. It meant a lot to us in a very emotional and trying time in our lives. Thank you so much for all of your help.

Name withheld upon request