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Practice Areas

two people going through mediation

Family Mediation

If you're going through a divorce or child custody dispute, mediation could be the best way to help you reach a fair solution that both parties can agree on.

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Civil Mediation

Lawsuits can quickly turn ugly. Whether you've been sued or are the party suing, it can be cheaper and more efficient to take the mediation route versus going to court.

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Appellate Mediation

Your previous case may have not received the conclusion you wanted, but appellate mediation may be the tool you need to help the courts hear your side of the story.

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the supreme court of the United States

Supreme Court Arbitration

As opposed to mediation where you and the other party will reach a solution, the final decision is made by an arbitrator and can be a cheaper alternative to litigation.

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Advantages of Mediation

If you are considering taking legal action against a party, it may be worth looking into mediation first. The cost of mediation is greatly reduced in comparison to taking the case to court.

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Advantages of Arbitration

When seeking to resolve a dispute, parties who want a fast and confidential proceeding often should look at going with an arbitration attorney.

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Areas of Expertise

Clyde Barrow is a skilled mediator who has many years of experience in a wide variety of legal areas, including civil, family, and arbitration.

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